Why has there been an increase in complaints of overseas Pakistanis occupying property?

Overseas citizens are an asset to developing countries like Pakistan. Due to economic problems caused by the corona virus, overseas Pakistanis sent 29 29 billion during the last financial year, which was a record remittance as well as a source of economic stability.

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the services of overseas Pakistanis are commendable. On the other hand, some observers say that the current government seems to be very active in providing facilities to overseas Pakistanis and resolving their grievances.

During the Corona virus, thousands of Pakistanis living abroad could not come to the country where their travels were sometimes limited and sometimes cut off. There has also been a record increase in complaints from overseas Pakistanis.

According to the Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission, an organization working to address the grievances of Pakistanis living abroad in Punjab, the number of complaints from Pakistanis living abroad has increased and more than 6,000 applications have been disposed of in a year. Most of the applications were for possession of property.

Why did the complaints of overseas Pakistanis increase?

Yusuf Sarwar Mir has been living in England for many years. However, these days they are visiting government offices and courts in Pakistan.

Yousuf Sarwar Mir told VOA that his family had rented a house in the Township area of ​​Lahore. When he returned home a year later, the tenant refused to vacate.

He said that under the local laws, he had registered all the data and documents of the tenant at the police station.

Yousuf Sarwar Mir says that the land mafia is becoming very active in Pakistan and is becoming more powerful than the governments. There are active groups that consume the savings of overseas Pakistanis.

Mentioning his efforts, he said that he had contacted the Ministry of Overseas Pakistani Affairs. Complaints have also been lodged on the Prime Minister's Citizen Portal. However, it is a matter of lice. Finding date after date.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) coalition government claims to have the full support of overseas Pakistanis. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also said that other Pakistanis are very close to his heart. However, some overseas citizens consider the government's actions to be far less than these claims.

Atif Iftikhar Cheema, district chairman of the Overseas Commission in Gujranwala, Central Punjab, told VOA that 99% of complaints from overseas Pakistanis are related to land grabbing.

The Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission has been working since 2014 to solve the problems of overseas Pakistanis. The commission was set up by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, who is also a member of the PML-N government. Used to understand

According to the commission's performance and statistics, 23,800 complaints were received during the seven years from 2014 to June 2021, of which 14,755 complaints were resolved. While about 9,000 complaints are still with the commission or the matter is pending in court or for various other reasons.

Atif Iftikhar Cheema, district chairman of the Overseas Commission, said that Overseas Pakistanis trust their family or close friends in matters of housing and property and that is where the trouble begins.

According to him, in most cases, only close relatives like brothers come forward as claimants.

Atif Iftikhar Cheema says that most of the cases take place from inside the house. An overseas Pakistani who was out of the country. He sent money for the plot but the person of the house consumed the money.

The Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission says it is handling applications on a priority basis.

How does the Overseas Commission work?

In Pakistan, a large number of people from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are abroad for employment.

Overseas committees have been formed at the level of each district and district in 36 districts of Punjab and only local level persons have been made district chairmen.

If a Pakistani property abroad is seized, he is asked to first contact the online portal. And overseas citizens can register their application on opc.punjab.gov.pk while uploading documents related to their ownership. Complaints based on various stages will be received directly at the Commission's headquarters after submission.

After receiving a complaint of occupation of the land of any overseas Pakistani, the Commission first takes a report from the Finance Department to find out who owns the land or house.

The Commission decides in the light of the report received from the Revenue Department after a detailed review of the complaints in its bi-monthly meeting and if there is no court order or any other legal impediment, it should be immediately relocated with the help of the police. Goes

According to official figures, more than Rs 13 billion worth of property has been transferred in Punjab in a year.

Why is the property of overseas Pakistanis an easy target?

According to Manzoor Qadir Bhandar, a lawyer who has been fighting property cases for the past two decades, there are organized occupation groups in the country that have the support of influential people and sometimes even political affiliations.

According to him, close relatives as well as members of the occupation mafia are involved in property seizures and they are assisted by people from the finance department.

He said that counterfeit documents are made by forgery for land grabbing and the lands are sold. While overseas Pakistanis outside the country are unaware of this whole situation. On the other hand, an ordinary citizen buys a property on fake papers and then the two people get involved in legal matters which have been deceived by the occupation group.

Manzoor Qadir Bhandar says there is a need to tighten the law on land grabbing in Pakistan and increase penalties because the punishment for occupation groups is very minor in the law.

According to him, the same groups also benefit from the bail of the accused in the cases and the long legal battle.

Overseas Pakistani Yousuf Sarwar Mir says he built a house with hard-earned money and is now going through a stressful and painful phase.

He says that hundreds of other Pakistanis are also being displaced. Some are widows who cannot fight or stand up to the occupiers.

According to Yousuf Sarwar Mir, overseas Pakistanis need fresh legislation from the National Assembly. Occupiers should be severely punished because the land mafia has very strong roots and the property of overseas Pakistanis is the easiest target for them.

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