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WhatsApp has begun rolling out its new calling interface to iPhone users, enabling the users to add more people to a group call besides also introducing a new setting for the archived messages.

The Facebook-owned app has previously tested these changes for a brief period with beta users and these changes are already available for users who have the beta version of the WhatsApp app installed.

The new calling screen looks quite similar to FaceTime which shows everyone who’s on the call. From there, users can invite other people to join the connection and even call a person again if they were unable to accept it.

The app further shared in its release notes for version 2.21.140 that when can anyone join group calls, saying that if you temporarily ignore to participate in a group call, and you open WhatsApp again after some time, if the group call is still ongoing, the app might present you an alert if you want to quickly join the call, without asking other participants to add you again.

It further shared that users can now leave and rejoin group calls from the calls tab while they are ongoing.

Besides this archived chats will now stay archived and muted when new messages arrive and the changes could be made after the following process, Settings > Chats > Keep Chats Archived.

Furthermore, sticker suggestions are also introduced that would help find relevant stickers when composing a message.

However, according to WhatsApp, these new features are being gradually released to users, so not everyone will get them right after installing the update.

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