Turkey’s F-16 fighter jet shot down an Armenian Su 25 fighter jet

A fighter of the Turkish Army 16 shot down an Armenian Air Force KSU-25 jet in the airspace of the Republic of Armenia, said Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Shoshan Stepian.

F-16 fighter jets belonging to the Turkish Air Force departed from Ganja Airport in the Republic of Azerbaijan at 10.30 am this morning and were assisting the UAE in the missile attacks on the wardens by SU-25 fighters and Turkish-made barracks. , Mets Mask, Sutak area of ​​Wardens, Armenia.

During this time, the Air Defense Units were performing fire support work for the Air Defense Units of the RA Armed Forces.

F-16 fighter jets of the Turkish Air Force attacked the Armenian Air Force’s Su-25 jet in the airspace of the Republic of Armenia during air battles with the air force.

The pilot was killed in the attack.


The F-16 was 16km deep and 8,200 feet high, he said.

On Tuesday, the Armenian Defense Ministry said a passenger bus collided with an Azerbaijani drone in the eastern Armenian city of Verdens. No casualties were reported.

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