Tokyo Olympics: Why the Holocaust? Head of opening ceremony fired

The International Olympic Committee [IOC] has announced the removal of Kentaro Kobayashi, director of the Tokyo Olympics, just one day before its opening ceremony. Cantaro is accused of mocking the Holocaust in a 1998 comedy act.۔

According to the Associated Press, the committee apologized for the last-minute decision to those affected and to the citizens of Tokyo.

The Tokyo Olympics start tomorrow, Friday. The world's most important sporting event was postponed last year due to the corona virus. The Tokyo Olympics have been the subject of controversy and scandals from the beginning and are in the news for a number of reasons other than the Games.

Music composer Keigo Oyamada, who was associated with the opening ceremony of the Olympics, was also fired for his past mistakes. Keigo has announced in interviews to several magazines that he used to be a bully or a bully during his school days. His music will no longer be used in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

The Tokyo Olympics have been in the news for another reason. French investigators are investigating allegations that members of the Olympic Committee took bribes in 2013 to rule in Tokyo's favor. So far, two members have resigned over the allegations.

The Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to the Corona epidemic, and now that the Tokyo Olympics are set to open on Friday, spectators will not be able to attend.

Contrary to the opinion of public health experts, Japan is also being criticized for holding the Olympics during the global epidemic of Corona.

According to the Associated Press, at a time when the world is in the grip of the Corona, the International Olympic Committee's insistence on Japan to hold the Olympics is also interfering, as the committee's TV rights range from three to four. Billions of dollars are at stake.

The corona test positive of some athletes before the games is also causing concern among the participating teams. Speaking to VOA on the phone, Barry Hunter, a boxing trainer at Head Bangers Gym in Washington, said: “” I love the Olympics, but I don't think it's worth holding. The right time. American citizens are also less interested in these games at this time than usual “”.

And Hunter is not so wrong. More than 600 US athletes are competing in the Tokyo Olympics, but Americans are not showing much interest in the Tokyo Olympics.

According to data from the New York-based organization Zeta Global, 60% of Americans are not excited about the Olympics, while 45% are not interested in watching it. The reasons given by Zeta Global for this lack of interest include the postponement of the Olympic Games, the avoidance of citizens from sitting in front of the TV for a long time after a year of lockdowns and the ban on spectators in the sports field. According to people, the excitement of the spectators is important in any sport. Now that there will be no applause or enthusiastic fans in these sports, the colors of the Olympics will look dull.

However, there are many long-awaited Olympic fans. Speaking to VOA, many fans said that after a long period of uncertainty due to the Corona epidemic, the Olympics would distract and entertain them. Some say they are anxious to hear the American national anthem on the victory of American athletes.

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