There is no benefit in using different beauty creams. Homemade Sunflower Oil That Makes Every Skin Easier!

Nowadays everyone wants their skin to glow, their face to be radiant, acne and stubborn spots to be removed, hair to be strong, long, thick and shiny, cheeks to be around the eyes and above all aging. The effects of may not be obvious but due to fast life and working all day the skin starts to deteriorate and we use different types of beauty products to make our skin worse.
However, the solution to all these beauty problems is in sunflower oil. Easy to make at home, learn today’s easy tips to make sunflower oil at home with K-Food and its many benefits.

* Take a cup of sunflower seeds and clean them. * Then put them in a blender and blend two tablespoons of mustard oil or if you have real ghee, add it. * Blend the seeds well so that the seeds are well ground. * Then you place this paste little by little on a thin cloth on top of a pot and place the spoon firmly on this paste, this way the oil will come out. * Take your pure sunflower oil ready.
٭ Acne:

Acne and its blemishes spoil the beauty of the face. You can apply this oil on the whole face or where there are acne or scars with the help of daily cotton and wash your face after half an hour. Will not happen Because it contains vitamin C, fatty acids and antioxidants that help control acne.
Dark circles:

Apply this oil twice a day around the eyes to get rid of dark circles, it will not only eliminate the circles, but also control the people who suffer from eye inflammation as it contains beta-carotene enzymes which With the help of the eyes are also clean and the circles are also removed.

Even for wrinkles and sagging skin, this oil is no less than an expensive serum as it has great anti-aging properties that work for skin tightening. Therefore, mix a tablespoon of yogurt in a tablespoon of sunflower oil and apply it on the face, it will benefit you quickly.

If your skin has turned black or dull due to sun tan, then the properties of Vitamin E, Ecole in this oil will help to beautify you for which you need only one tablespoon of sunflower oil. Mix the spoon basin and apply the paste on the face for only 20 minutes and then wash the face with plain water.
٭ Wound healing quickly:

If there is any wound on any part of the body, just apply this oil on it, you will benefit immediately as it is anti-bacterial and helps to get rid of all kinds of dirty substances from the skin.

The skin needs a massage. Because it is possible to clean open pores only through massage, so apply a little oil in the fingers and massage on the face for 20 minutes with their help. It is also a good moisturizer and a good scrubber.

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