The great player who lost his fortune in the last days

This week, world number one Novak Djokovic went on to win the 21st Grand Slam of his career. In the final of the US Open, he was defeated by Russian Daniel Medvedev in the street sets, which not only broke the record, but also deprived him of winning the Calendar Air Grand Slam.

This is Djokovic's second major blow this year. He had previously lost in the men's singles and mixed doubles semifinals at the Olympic Games.

In the men's event, he failed to win a bronze medal match, while in the mixed doubles event, he was relieved to retire before the third-place match.

Is Serbia's Novak Djokovic losing his performance or is he no longer lucky?

There have been many famous players before Djokovic who broke great records in their youth, but in the last days when luck left them, everything was lost.

In the men's event, he failed to win a bronze medal match, while in the mixed doubles event, he was relieved to retire before the third-place match. (File photo)

Take a look at these nine great players and know why their careers did not end at the heights to which they were entitled.

1. Sir Don Barry Damon (Australian cricketer)

There is hardly a cricketing record that Sir Don Bradman has not had in the last century. In Test cricket, he has done what every player wants.

One of the milestones in cricket that the great batsmen of Australia could not cross was the feat of averaging 100 runs in an innings.

In the first innings of his last Test match, when he went to bat on the crease, his average was one hundred and one point three nine. But after being dismissed for zero on the second ball, his average became ninety-nine point four.

The great batsman had a chance to improve this average in the second innings. But the English team lost the innings and Sir Don Bradman had to settle for a career average of 99.4.

If he had scored only four runs instead of being bowled in the first innings, his Test career would have averaged 100 runs per innings, but luck did not favor him.

It is a different matter that he has no player even close to his average of 99.94 but he and his fans have always regretted these four runs.

2. Samiullah (Pakistani Hockey Star)

Whenever there is talk of Pakistan hockey, Samiullah's name will be written in golden letters. In the world of hockey, he is known as the 'Flying Horse' because of his fast dribbling, incredible control.

But there is a disease that plagues athletes who win events such as the World Cup, the Champions Trophy and the Asian Games, and that is the grief of not winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

Samiullah made his entry into the world of hockey after the 1972 Olympic Games when several Pakistani players were suspended for protesting a silver medal on the podium. At the 1976 Olympic Games, he was part of the team that won a bronze medal in the event.

Four years later, at the height of his career, Pakistan, following in the footsteps of the United States, boycotted the Moscow Olympics because of Russia's intervention in Afghanistan, and two years later Samiullah retired regretting that he had every event Has a gold medal, except for the Olympics.

It may be recalled that Samiullah's uncle Matiullah Khan was a member of the Pakistan hockey team that won Olympic gold for the first time in 1960, while his younger brother Kaleemullah made the final decision in 1984 on behalf of the team that won the gold medal. What was the goal score? Samiullah was with the Pakistan team at this historic Los Angeles Olympics but not as an athlete but as an observer.

3. Diego Maradona (Argentine footballer)

The place that former Argentina captain Diego Maradona has in the world of football belongs to someone. Whether it was a title-winning performance in the 1986 FIFA World Cup or taking his team to the final of the tournament four years later, Maradona's magic always worked for his team.

But in the 1994 World Cup, when the mega event was in the United States itself, Maradona was betrayed by fate. The legendary footballer was expelled during the event for failing a drug test. After which the journey of the Argentine team also ended before the quarter finals.

Following the ban, Maradona never represented Argentina in an international match, and a smiling career was forever tarnished.

4. Monica Celes (tennis player)

In the 1990s, the only tennis player to compete with Steffi Graf of Germany was Monica Selles of Yugoslavia. She was four years younger than her German rival, but she soon lost her temper and this led to her downfall.

The player, who won three Australian Open, three French Open and two US Open between 1990 and 1993, was injured by a man a few months before her twentieth birthday and left out of tennis for two years.

The incident took place during the Hamburg Open when Monica Cellis was on break, when a local man stabbed Cellis in the shoulder with a 1.5 cm long knife. ۔

After being away from tennis for two long years, Monica Cellis stepped on the tennis court in 1995 and won her fourth Australian Open in 1996, but after returning from injury, she emerged as a different player.

He played his last match in 2003, after which he withdrew from the game.

Javed Miandad (Pakistani cricketer)

If anyone had told Javed Miandad at the height of his career that this cricketer, who is known all over the world for his agility, would have been run out in his last innings and his career would have ended with it. They never believed it.

When 1992 World Cup hero Javed Miandad was selected as an ordinary player in an event four years later, the captain of the team was playing based on his experience rather than his form.

In the quarter-finals of the event, he blew his nose at the opposing team India, but nothing more than a single double was happening to this batsman who hit a memorable six in Sharjah.

He hit just two fours in his innings. When Javed Miandad was finally run out for 38 off 64 balls in the first ball of the 45th over, no one believed that these great players would never be seen on the cricket field again.

Muhammad Azharuddin (Indian cricketer)

People consider a Test century to be a feat on debut, but India's Mohammad Azharuddin surprised everyone by scoring centuries in the first three matches.

The cricketer, who made his Test debut in 1984, was not only considered one of the best batsmen but also one of the best fielders in the world.

He also led India in both the Test and ODI formats and represented the team for 16 years. After scoring a century against South Africa in his 99th Test, Azharuddin once again prepared to enter the record box but before the 100th Test, he got caught and was expelled from cricket for his involvement in match-fixing. Done.

The ban was declared illegal by a court in 2012, but he missed the 100th Test.

However, in the record box, Azharuddin has the honor of scoring centuries in the first and last Test match of his career.

Rashid Latif (Pakistani cricketer)

When Rashid Latif made his Test debut against England in 1992, everyone was happy that Pakistan got a wicket-keeper who does not catch but catches. For the next ten years, the battle of number one between Rashid Latif and Moin Khan continued in which the lot was sometimes drawn in the name of Moin and sometimes in the name of Rashid.

After a poor performance in the 2003 World Cup, the board appointed Rashid Latif as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. However, catching a controversial catch by Alok Kapali in the Test match against Bangladesh cost Rashid Latif dearly.

He said at the time that he did not know if the catch was correct or not, but match referee Mike Proctor banned him for five matches after which he could never be part of the Pakistan cricket team.

Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistani cricketer)

No fast bowler has come from Shoaib Akhtar known as Rawalpindi Express and no current bowler seems to be faster than him. He has been controversial throughout his career, but when he bowled in Radham, he put the opposition's biggest batsman in trouble.

The match against New Zealand cricket team in World Cup 2011 proved to be the last match of Shoaib Akhtar's career.

In the 14th over of the thrilling match, Shoaib Akhtar twice forced Ross Taylor, who was batting for three runs at the time, to edge the ball behind the wicket but both times wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal could not catch the ball.

Ross Taylor not only played an innings of 131 not out in this match but it also proved to be the last match of Shoaib Akhtar who scored 70 runs in nine overs, when this match should have been the last match of Kamran Akmal.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Indian cricketer)

Whenever the name of the best Indian captain of the current century is mentioned, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be at the top of the list. The way this wicket-keeper-batsman played a key role in making Indian cricket a brand, if he had done so in his last World Cup, everyone would have remembered.

But the 2019 World Cup semi-final proved to be his last match. He scored a half-century off 72 balls with the help of a six and a four.

If it was a normal match, people would have forgotten about it, but it was the semi-final of the World Cup 2019 in which the match went in favor of host England due to Dhoni's slow batting.

Dhoni was run out in the 49th over of the match and with that his brilliant career ended in a disappointing performance.

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