The benefits of rice water for hair and skin

It is not possible to think of rice biryani, but today Beauty Corner has brought the best recipes for rice water for women, knowing that you will not throw away the soaked rice water, because it is your Increases beauty, blonde complexion, eliminates nail pimples and much more.

1: Rice water cleanses your face in a way that you can’t even find in a salon. Therefore, before cooking, apply a little rice water soaked on the face and wash your face after cooking. Take the food and prepare it.

2: If you use it daily, all your loose hanging skin will be removed easily and cheaply.

3: If you or your children have pimples on their skin, they are getting inflammation, then apply this rice water on their face as well as on their face. The troubles will be over.

4: Use rice water to wash your hair, then see if you will have shiny hair and conditioning is absolutely free. For this, when you wash your hair, first apply rice water in your hair and massage it. Now wash it with plain water. See if your hair has been cleaned and conditioner has been applied.

5: Due to the heat of the sun, the color of the face or skin has turned black or for some other reason, this soaked rice water can prove to be an expensive serum for you. Make it a habit to wash your face or skin with this water, then you will see a clear difference in yourself.

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