The Afghan people need immediate help and the Taliban should be encouraged, Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that immediate help should be given to the Afghan people so that they can get out of the mire of poverty. According to him, “https://www.urduvoa.com/” without wasting time looking to the future, there is a need to help the Afghan people in every possible way “https: //www.urduvoa .com / “.

Addressing the 76th session of the UN General Assembly via video link, he called on the international community to support the Afghan people, who have endured decades of hardship and suffering.

At the same time, he said the Taliban should be encouraged, not left alone, so that the Afghan government can function better, which would allay the concerns of neighboring countries and the international community. I could bring peace and order and development.

Imran Khan said that the hard work done by the United States and the American alliance for 20 years should not be wasted in any way.

According to him, the Doha talks and the agreement should help the Taliban to achieve the goals set for them. In this regard, they pledged to ensure the sanctity of human rights, the rights and protection of women and minorities, and to ensure that no terrorist group will be allowed to use Afghan territory. ۔

In his words, “the fruits of the past two decades should not be allowed to go to waste.” Https://www.urduvoa.com/ Institutions should step up and help the Afghan people.

The Prime Minister said that the Taliban had announced a general amnesty as soon as they arrived and their leadership and officials had assured in their statements that they would form a comprehensive government, ensure the sanctity of human rights and somehow protect the Afghan soil. We will not allow the group to be used for terrorism.

According to him, “https://www.urduvoa.com/” We must trust them and support them so that the situation is right, peace is restored and the problems of the Afghan people are removed, which is also the case in neighboring countries. Interested in “https://www.urduvoa.com/”.

He said that any failure of Afghanistan or any disturbance in Afghanistan has a direct impact and result on the neighboring country Pakistan. Referring to the last 20 years, he said that due to the internal situation in Afghanistan, Afghan refugees continued to come to Pakistan, terrorism appeared in the tribal areas and then across Pakistan, the Pakistan Taliban movement came into existence, the law There have been clashes with Pakistani enforcement agencies. After Afghanistan, the highest number of deaths occurred in Pakistan, thousands of our officials were killed, bombs exploded.

Imran Khan said that now that US and allied forces had withdrawn from Afghanistan, there was a need to honor the promises made between the US and the Taliban, as witnessed by the international community and Pakistan. Including other countries.

In his words, after Pakistan became part of the US war on terror on September 11, 2001, 80,000 Pakistanis were killed in two decades, the economy was damaged by 150 billion, while 35 million people were displaced. As affected.

Referring to Kashmir, the Pakistani Prime Minister demanded that the United Nations has in the past promised a referendum with Kashmiris, which should be fulfilled.

He alleged that atrocities were being perpetrated against Kashmiris, depriving them of basic human rights. And that India is trying to turn the Muslim majority there into a minority.

He also mentioned government measures against Muslims in Indian-occupied Kashmir and alleged anti-Hindu activities by Hindu religious groups. He said that Jammu and Kashmir has been recognized as a disputed territory in UN resolutions.

It is clear that India, while declaring Kashmir as its integral part, rejects the actions against Muslims as propaganda. India says such statements interfere in India's internal affairs. India claims to be a secular country and all citizens have equal rights under the Indian Constitution.

The Prime Minister drew the attention of the world forum to the so-called 'Islamophobia', for which he said it was an important issue.

He said that after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, terrorism was linked to Islam by some quarters, due to which Muslims were being targeted by some extremist groups and based on hatred against them. Crimes are being committed.

He said the United Nations Global Counterterrorism Strategy recognizes these emerging threats.

Imran Khan began his speech by mentioning the major challenges facing the United Nations. He said that the world was facing the Covid-19, the economic crisis and the major crises of climate change at the same time.

He said that Pakistan has been able to curb the spread of corona virus through its 'smart lockdown' strategy, while 'Ehsas Program' is providing social security to more than one and a half crore people.

Referring to global warming, he said that Pakistan has almost no share in greenhouse gas emissions, while Pakistan is one of the ten countries in the world that are most affected by the negative effects of climate change. Have to Pakistan is implementing a program to plant 10 billion trees to counter this situation.

The Prime Minister demanded that adequate funds be provided to developing countries to combat the epidemic of Code 19.


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