Taliban talks with Norwegian authorities in Oslo 24 million Afghans face severe malnutrition, UN says

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. According to the United Nations, ارب 5 billion in emergency aid will be needed in Afghanistan this year. Some 24 million people are currently suffering from severe malnutrition. About one million children are at risk due to severe malnutrition. Severe cold and famine in many parts of the country are also on the rise.

The Taliban, on the other hand, want to be recognized as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. While no country in the world has yet recognized them because other countries, especially the West, say that before the Taliban came to power, they should form a government of all nationalities in the country, respect human rights, women They have not fulfilled their promises to give them their rights. But the Taliban insist they have kept their promises and, according to them, given their rights under Sharia law and a comprehensive government has been formed. And the people of Afghanistan are suffering the brunt of the controversy over whether or not they have kept their promises.

Many other countries, including the United States, are working to help Afghans. Providing funds and trying to help the common man. The European Union has also announced plans to open an office there, and talks are under way in Norway between Afghan civil society and representatives of the Afghan government and allies. However, Norway has made it clear that the gathering is by no means a recognition of the Taliban's legitimacy. But he says we should talk to those who are actually running the government there. And such conferences and gatherings also show that there is a growing trend in the world that the Taliban should be engaged, and in this context the Taliban's position is that the Norwegian dialogue should be a path to positive relations with Europe. will go.

Millions of people in Afghanistan, including millions of children, are in dire need of food and basic necessities of life.

Dr. Hussein Yassin, an Afghan journalist and analyst, told VOA that the Taliban, who are currently facing difficulties at home and abroad, have become international by sending delegations to different countries and attending conferences such as the one in Norway. They are trying to send a message to the community that they share common values ​​with the people of Afghanistan, opponents of the Islamic Emirate and the international community. And deal with them.

“However, no country in the world is ready to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government,” he said. But there is no denying the fact that Afghanistan is under Taliban control. And the world cannot ignore the plight of the Afghan people simply because it does not recognize the Taliban government. And gatherings such as the announcement of the opening of the EU office and the Norwegian Conference are a manifestation of this thinking globally and reflect the determination of the world, regardless of who is ruling in Afghanistan. Whether that government is internationally recognized or not. At least a defecto type of relationship can be established with the Taliban. In order to prevent the danger of human tragedy happening there.

Najam Rafique belongs to the Institute of Strategic Studies of Pakistan. Talking to VOA, he said that there are definitely concerns in the world regarding the legitimacy of the Taliban government. Because they have not come to power as a result of any democratic process. Power has not been transferred to them by any peaceful means. He said that these concerns should be addressed and he believes that the convening of the Norwegian Conference proves that Norway and Europe as a whole are ready to discuss whether human rights or women's rights in Afghanistan or What more can the Taliban do to allay the fears of a comprehensive government, and what are they doing now?

He said that whether the European Union announced the opening of an office in Afghanistan or the arrival of the Taliban at the Norwegian Conference or other international forums, he did not see it as a step towards recognizing the Taliban government in any way. Rather, it is a process of dialogue, in which the world is trying to figure out how far the Taliban can go in terms of their promises. And the Taliban are trying to figure out how much they can satisfy the world with their intentions. Only time will tell who will succeed, how much and when. But it is clear that the world cannot afford to ignore Afghanistan.

Some observers believe that the people cannot be properly helped without acknowledging the Taliban government in one way or another. But Najam Rafique disagrees. He said that there was a lot of work to be done by international organizations, especially non-governmental organizations [NGOs], which is happening to some extent. It can be extended. And the Taliban will not try to obstruct this work simply because they have not been recognized. Because in that case, at a time when they are already in trouble at home and abroad, the common man of Afghanistan will also be against them, which they cannot afford.

The Taliban have recently claimed that Afghan exports have reached ارب 1 billion in just over five months of their rule in Afghanistan.

According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, the first economic conference of the Taliban regime was held in Kabul last week. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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