social media and depression

Does Social Media Cause Depression?

Stress is also called depression. It is a common disease of modern times. There is no cure for it. As the world progresses, this disease is increasing day by day in people. The effect of grief lasts for a short time. If the effect of grief lasts for a long time and affects the affairs of life, then it is called depression. In this disease, a person feels mental and physical weakness. Does not take Suicidal thoughts come to her mind. And a person who is depressed is frustrated with the future. Women are more likely to be depressed than men because women are more interested in other women’s things than their own. They are more interested. And they feel deprived and keep saying ungrateful words all the time. That is why they become depressed.

Depression is more common in young people nowadays. Many students commit suicide due to depression. Depression is caused by many reasons, some of which are: It is as if someone of his own is leaving him or there may be divorce, job, education and many other reasons. Lack of food is also a big reason for this. Excessive use of social media is also a big reason. Knowledge is lost in social media more than reading and the pressure of reading increases during exams and then they become depressed. Stress also occurs in people who are with their superiors ie rich people. Sitting down watching them can make them feel inferior and depression can also be caused by having negative thoughts. If a person believes in monotheism, he should never be upset and he should not think of any failure because The belief that Allah Almighty is the Giver of everything and the Giver of success, then such a person will never suffer from depression. In order to prevent depression, we should sit in the lower class and treat them kindly so that we realize how lucky we are and that Allah Almighty has given us everything.

If we look at social media, small news is presented as a big sensation which affects the minds of children. Fear and dread are created in the minds of girls because of which they instill fear in themselves and are afraid to go out. There are many ways to prevent depression. The first of these is that we We should give thanks to Allah Almighty. All prayers should be offered, food should be eaten on time, everything should be thought in a positive way, nothing should be thought from a negative angle. And we must believe that whatever happens will be by the will of Allah. Allah Almighty gives so much patience to His servant. He does not oppress His servants. Allah Almighty is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. Therefore, man should not give place to the thoughts of despair already in his mind and should hold fast to the rope of Allah. Don’t compete with others. Stay away from people who talk about frustration. If a person stays in depression for a long time, death can also occur, so if you are not interested in normal life for a long time, you should see a doctor immediately so that it can be treated as soon as possible and you can live your life happily. ۔

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