Social media activist Sarmad Sultan 'missing', demands recovery of amnesty

Amnesty International has expressed concern over the disappearance of social media activist Sarmad Sultan from Fateh Jang in Pakistan's Attock District and called for his immediate recovery.

The disappearance of Sarmad Sultan, who tweeted about history, has been a top trend on Twitter in Pakistan since last night.

According to Fateh Jang police, so far they have not received any request regarding the disappearance of Sarmad Sultan.

Sarmad Sultan, who wrote about history on social media, especially Twitter, has been missing for the past two days. Gul Bukhari, a social media activist who contacted him, said that Sarmad Sultan's wife had earlier told him about the death of a female relative and that Sarmad Sultan would not be on Twitter at the moment. A day later, she called for the disappearance of Sarmad Sultan and said she was no longer responding to any messages.

Gul Bukhari said that the real situation is not clear yet. But such disappearance of Sarmad Sultan is giving rise to many doubts.

He said that the non-response of Sarmad Sultan's wife also indicated that he was under pressure. The families of such missing persons are usually told that the missing person will return in two or three days. But if it is rumored, it will be difficult to return, which is why in most cases it is not discussed.

Speaking to VOA, Fateh Jang Police SDPO Zulfiqar Gilani said that so far he has not received any request regarding the disappearance or abduction of a person named Sarmad Sultan. He said that immediate action would be taken if any information was received in this regard.

Sarmad Sultan has more than 48,000 followers on Twitter. His tweets included various research topics on history, as well as occasional criticism of state institutions.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice-president Maryam Nawaz also tweeted, quoting Sarmad Sultan, that she is fighting against the same system where a dissident is disappeared in broad daylight.

According to Maryam Nawaz, hatred can only be created by forcibly abducting its own citizens. They demanded the release of Sarmad Sultan.

Ammar Ali Jan, a human rights activist, says it is unfortunate that an attempt is being made to silence a historian.

Speaking to VOA, Ammar Ali Jan said that Sarmad Sultan was only a person who talked about history and offered alternative ideas. But now there is such a restriction that thinking and expression are also restricted.

He said that if a person tries to learn from the mistakes of the past, he would also be stopped. It is a very dangerous situation that those who talk about the problems of society through writing, reading and discussion are being made to disappear.

Farhatullah Babar of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) expressed concern over Sarmad Sultan and said the government should take steps.

No statement or explanation has been issued by the government so far, but the government has denied such allegations. The Commission for the Recovery of Missing Persons also says that the number of missing persons is decreasing.

On the other hand, senior journalist Hamid Mir tweeted that you can disagree with Sarmad Sultan but his illegal disappearance means that you have no argument to answer.

Hamid Mir added that until yesterday she was just a voice. They disappeared. Now his voice includes many voices. He has become a hero.

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