Six silent symptoms of blood clots!

Sometimes blood clots in the veins are good, especially if you are injured and want to stop the flow of blood.
But blood clots can often be fatal, especially if they are in the arteries near the muscles.
Blood clots can lead to a number of other diseases, including heart attack and stroke, and damage to the lungs and other organs.
But if blood begins to clot in the body or clots begin to form, how will it be known? So here are some obvious signs.
Swelling of one hand or leg

Swelling of one leg or hand is one of the most obvious symptoms of a blood clot. I start to get swollen, if your hand or leg is swollen and I have pain, you should see a doctor immediately.
Pain in hands or feet

Hemorrhagic pain is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling or redness, but sometimes it is just pain. Most people ignore it as a cause of tension or tension in the muscles, which can be dangerous. Yes, according to medical experts, the pain caused by blood clots is more aggressive when you are walking or moving your legs upwards. If the skin there is getting hot or discolored, show it to the doctor.
Heading to the skin

If the skin turns redder than usual, it can also be a sign of a blood clot. In some places, a blood clot makes the affected area red, while touching the hands or feet feels warmer than usual.
Chest pain

Chest pain may make you think you have a heart attack, but it can also be a clot. In fact, the symptoms of both are similar. When a heart attack occurs, the patient feels pain spreading to the shoulders, jaws or neck.
Difficulty breathing or rapid heartbeat

Blood clots in the lungs slow down the flow of oxygen, causing the heart to beat faster and shortness of breath. You may also feel faint and seek immediate medical attention.
Cough for no reason

If coughing is accompanied by shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat or chest pain that does not stop, it is a clear sign of a clot. The cough is dry but sometimes mucus or blood comes out, any doubt. See a doctor if you have any.

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