Russia disappointed by US and European response to its demands on Ukraine

Russia says there is little reason to hope for improvement in easing tensions in Eastern Europe after the United States and Europe rejected Moscow's demands. Russia has called for a permanent ban on Ukraine's NATO membership and for Western nations to suspend arms supplies to Russia and withdraw its troops.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that the US response to his demands was not a positive one, but said that part of the US response would lead to the start of serious talks on other secondary issues. can go.

The United States has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia's intelligence have been made more than once. The United States has demanded that Russia withdraw its troops from Ukraine's border, and has offered to hold talks with Russia, which could include military exercises and transparency, as well as missile installation.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken meets with his Russian counterpart in Geneva last week (Photo: AP)

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan handed over a document to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. According to another report, NATO has also sent a response to Russia regarding European security, which officials say is only a few pages long.

At a news conference, US Secretary of State Anthony Blankenship said in a statement that the documents, which were handed over to Russia by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, “reflect the concerns of the United States and its allies about Russia's actions that undermine security.” And the questions raised by Russia have been answered on the basis of principles and practical evaluation. At the same time, we have presented our suggestions on these issues, where we see the scope for a common position “https://www.urduvoa.com/”.

“We have raised the issue of the possibility of mutual action based on transparency about the realities of military movements in Ukraine, as well as measures to increase confidence in defense exercises in Europe,” Blinken said. www.urduvoa.com/ “

He said equal attention was being paid to strengthening Ukraine's defense and preparing for a quick and united response in the event of Russian aggression.

Blankenship said he expects to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the next few days, during which time Russia will consider a response from the United States.

“Https://www.urduvoa.com/” If Russia decides to pursue diplomacy and dialogue or decides to invade Ukraine, we will respond to both situations, “Blinken told reporters. Ready for

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kliba said he hoped Russia would continue its diplomatic efforts to resolve the ongoing crisis on the Ukrainian border and that Ukraine was not developing a strategy for any aggressive action. Is.

“We have a diplomatic path, and we are ready to work with Russia at various levels to resolve the dispute,” Kliba told a news conference. Https://www.urduvoa.com/ ” “If Russia wants to fight, we are ready to retaliate,” he said. This is our homeland, which we will defend “https://www.urduvoa.com/”.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitrov Kliba (Reuters)

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitrov Kliba (Reuters)

Officials from Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany held talks in Paris on Wednesday, during which it was agreed that a second round of talks would take place in Berlin.

Ukraine's foreign minister says the bad news is that nothing has changed. The good news is that the advisers have agreed to meet in Berlin in two weeks. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Officials say the replies were sent to address Russia's concerns, as well as to give all parties a chance to continue their diplomacy.

(Some news content is taken from Reuters)

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