Quad Summit: Does US Want to Control China's Activities?

At the invitation of President Joe Biden, a meeting of the Quad Group of four countries, the United States, India, Australia and Japan, held at the White House, pledged to ensure an open and non-repressive Indo-Pacific region.

In a joint statement issued on the occasion, the leaders of the four countries said that they were in favor of the rule of law, free shipping and air travel, peaceful resolution of disputes, democratic values ​​and territorial integrity of states.

Although China was not named in a public statement or joint statement issued after the two-hour meeting, observers believe that China may have been the subject of discussion between the two world leaders.

A day before the group's meeting, China opposed the quad, saying the group would have no support and was doomed to failure.

Observers also say leaders Biden, Narendra Modi, Scott Morrison and Yoshihide, who attended the meeting, are concerned about China's growing activities in the region and its growing influence.

The quad leaders also announced assistance in climate change and other issues, especially in small islands in the Pacific Ocean.

He announced his support for the global supply of the corona vaccine and welcomed India's announcement to export the vaccine from October this year.

The US President first invited Narendra Modi to address the meeting.

In his brief address, Modi said that the Quad Group would play a good role for the world. He expressed the hope that this group of four countries would ensure peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.

In his inaugural address, Biden said the four democracies have come together to address the common challenge of climate change. The group has a common vision for the future.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister of Japan told the media that the four countries have agreed to cooperate on vaccine, transparent energy and space issues and the group will meet every year.

Observers say China's growing activity in the Pacific is a cause for concern for all four countries. The convening of the Quad Group meeting at the White House proves that the United States wants to curb China's growing activities and seeks the cooperation of the other three countries.

According to him, the issue of criticism of Quad from China may have been discussed during the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, China had said that the formation of this group of specific countries was against the flow of time.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman told the media in Beijing on Friday that China believes that no regional group should target or harm a third party.

Referring to China's claim in the South China Sea, he said that China is a country that establishes world peace, contributes to global development and restores the world order.

Mufiz Jilani, a senior analyst on international affairs, told VOA that China fears that the Quad Group has been set up to target it, and its fears are largely justified.

According to him, China's trade with the world has increased significantly, which is a threat to these countries.

He said that the activities of Quad have increased not only because of China but also because of the formation of a new group consisting of Pakistan, China, Russia and Turkey.

According to him, the quad group's activity is also to counter the proposed group and thwart China's efforts. Therefore, it can be said that China's view that quad is a big challenge is correct.

He also said that the activities of such groups are in place but every country should establish better relations with its neighbors. If relations with neighbors are not good and a country joins such groups in the long run, then no group can succeed in these situations.

He quoted India as saying that instead of relying too heavily on groups like Quad, it should try to improve its relations with neighboring countries like China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

In his view, India is more hopeful of a group like Quad rather than resolving its border disputes with these countries and especially China. If India-China relations are good, then India will be helped to improve its relations with Pakistan through China.

Mufiz Jilani also said that the current situation in Afghanistan has also increased China's influence in the region. He is openly helping Afghanistan and appealing to the international community for help.


According to him, the United States still hoped that it could stop China's activities with the help of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but in view of the changed situation, Afghanistan cannot rely too much on the United States.

In his view, the United States feels that it can take advantage of tensions between India and China. That is why he is giving so much importance to India in the quad group

According to him, both the United States and India are concerned about the growing influence of China in Afghanistan and are feeling the threat to themselves.

He also said that in the new situation, Iran is also moving away from India. Afghanistan has also moved away since the arrival of the Taliban. Relations with Pakistan remain strained. In these circumstances, India may feel that its interests can be protected by a group like Quad.

Another analyst, Raheesh Singh, told VOA that the quad meeting discussed a lot about climate change and the coronavirus, and stressed that the coronavirus vaccine should be used globally. Needs to be provided.

But he also believes that it is not the case that China was not mentioned at the meeting. China must have been talked about. Because all four countries are concerned about China's growing influence in the Indo-Pacific and feel threatened by China's growing activity.

He said that the world system is changing at the moment. Just a week ago, a new group, AOCOS, comprising the United States, Britain and Australia, formed a security agreement under which the United States would supply Australia with nuclear-armed submarines. China has condemned the group's formation.

According to him, an attempt is being made to encircle China not only through quads but also to stop China. In a situation where the quad meeting is important for India and other members, it is a cause for concern for China.


He says India is concerned about protecting its interests. China's activities in the Indo-Pacific are a threat. That is why India has given so much importance to this quad meeting and New Delhi analysts were also keeping an eye on it.

He said that earlier a virtual meeting of the quad was held on March 12 and now it has been held face to face. However, there is a difference in the importance of the two. Friday's meeting became important because of the current situation in Afghanistan.

According to him, in addition to the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, a group called “Avocus” has been formed. Although India has said that the group will not affect the quad, its formation is also pointing to a changing global system.

He said that in these circumstances India is taking very cautious steps. In fact, it is concerned with protecting its own interests. That is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also given much importance to the quad meeting.

According to him, Indian analysts disagree on whether Avocus will affect the quad. Some people think that this will affect the activity of the quad, while some other analysts think that it will make the quad stronger.

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