Norwegian women's beach handball team fined for not wearing bikini bottom

The Norwegian women's beach handball team was fined 1,500 euros for wearing “inappropriate clothing” when members of the team competed in the European Championship match against Bulgaria wearing shorts instead of a “bikini bottom”.

According to the news agency Reuters, the European Handball Federation said in a statement that its disciplinary committee has taken action on the complaint of wearing 'inappropriate clothes' during the match for the bronze medal.

The statement added that wearing shorts by women was against the rules of the game.

Each player has been fined 150 euros by the federation, which has been criticized by the Norwegian Handball Federation, and the country's sports minister, Abid Raja, called the decision “extremely inappropriate” and called for such behavior to be changed. Need

Speaking to The New York Times, Martina Welfare, a member of the Norwegian team, said: “I don't understand why we can't play with shorts. While objections to body composition and other such things are common nowadays, you should have the option to wear a little more clothing to play. ”

Speaking to the New York Times, Jessica Roxtra, spokeswoman for the International Handball Federation, said she did not know why such laws were made about women's clothing and that the federation was currently looking into the matter.

The Norwegian federation said in a Twitter message that it was proud of the women standing up for their rights and saying enough was enough.

“The Norwegian Handball Federation supports you,” he said. We will work together to change the rules of dress, so that players can wear clothes that they feel comfortable playing in, ”he said.

Remember that according to the rules of beach handball played on the beach, women must wear bikini tops and bottoms, while men can wear tank tops and shorts.

Reacting to the decision on social media, there has been criticism of women's dress regulations.

Speaking to the International Handball Federation, Lennie Westgard Halle, a member of the Norwegian parliament, said the practice of forcibly wearing a bikini should be stopped. According to him, the move is based on gender bias and is against the honor of sports and federation.

One user, Dr. G. Son, tweeted photos of the men's and women's handball teams, saying she knew there were two standards for male and female players, but the picture was telling.

One user, Mina, wrote that when women wearing the hijab protested against the laws in Europe, which she said were influenced by Islamophobia, it did not get as much media coverage as the bikini worn by the Norwegian women's handball team Denying. He questioned whether these two matters were not personal.

(Some material for this report is taken from the news agency Reuters)

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