Noor Muqadam case challan completed, police request to give death sentence to the accused

Police in Pakistan’s federal capital Islamabad have completed an interim challan in the Noor Muqadam case seeking the death sentence for accused Zahir Jaffer.

Police have also blamed Zahir Jaffer’s parents, the owner and an employee of a company called Therapy Works, for the murder.

According to the challan, the accused has confessed to killing Noor Muqaddam for refusing to marry. Police officials say they have solid evidence to support the death sentence.

The challan presented by the police also contained a confessional statement of Zahir Jaffer recorded to the police in which Zahir Jaffar said that when Noor Muqaddam refused to marry, he was imprisoned in the house and told the watchman to go home. Don’t let anyone come in or let the light out.

According to the challan, accused Zahir Jaffar killed Noor Muqaddam and beheaded him. The accused hid Noor Muqadam’s mobile phone in another room after which Noor Muqadam’s mobile phone was recovered from the cupboard of his house.

According to the accused, when he reported the murder to his father, he said that there was no need to panic, my servants were coming to dispose of the body and take it out.

Police say that if Zakir Jaffer had informed the police in time, the murder could have been prevented. Therefore, it is proved that the father of the accused helped his son in this incident.

According to the accused, there was a misunderstanding with Amjad Mahmood of Therapy Works, police said. The employees of the therapy works tried to destroy the evidence while the injured employee Amjad did not even file a case but registered a road accident in the medical slip.

According to the interim challan, the photos and fingerprints stored in the DVR also belong to the accused. According to the DNA report, the accused has been proved to have raped the victim.

When Noor Muqaddam ran to the gate, the watchman and the gardener did not let him out. Noor Muqaddam could have gone out if they had allowed him to open the gate.

The challan said that the accused had booked a flight to the United States on July 19 but did not travel. There were no reports of poisoning or intoxication in the victim’s body.

A police official involved in the investigation said on condition of anonymity that the accused could deny the murder but could not deny the murder. Even if he denies being the killer, the police have full evidence of it.

It may be recalled that the bails of Therapy Works CEOs Tahir Zahoor, Dilip Kumar, Samar Abbas, Abdul Haq and Amjad Mahmood were granted, which Noor Muqaddam’s father has also challenged in the Islamabad High Court.

It may be recalled that Noor Muqadam, daughter of former diplomat Shaukat Muqaddam, was allegedly killed by accused Zahir Jaffer at his home in Islamabad on the evening of July 20.

According to Muhammad Shahid, SHO of Kohsar police station, Noor Muqaddam was strangled to death with the help of a sharp instrument.

Police arrested the main accused, Zahir Jaffar, at the scene, while his parents were arrested on July 25.

Noor Muqaddam’s parents protest

Noor Muqaddam’s father Shaukat Muqaddam and his family staged a protest outside the Islamabad High Court on Monday, demanding that no bail be granted to the accused.

The protest outside the Islamabad High Court was also attended by members of civil society who demanded severe punishment for the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

He demanded that Zahir Jaffer’s parents are fully involved in the crime and they also tried to cover up the crime so they should not be granted bail under any circumstances.

Accused Zakir Jaffer and his wife Ismat Adam Ji have filed a bail application in the Islamabad High Court on which the court has issued notices.


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