Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe in English

Sohan Halwa
Two hundred and fifty grams of starch
Half a kilo of flour
Three kilos of sugar
Water as required
Walnut kernels for one kilo of sweets
Two hundred and fifty grams is enough
Ghee as required

Mix starch and flour in water and soak it and leave it lying for two hours. But take special care not to get lumps in it.
Then clean the sugar from the milk and prepare the crumbs. Then put the flour and starch on the fire.
Keep the fire light. When the mixture thickens as it is cooked, quickly pull the fire from the bottom.
When it is well cooked and when it dies, take it down from the fire and divide it into four equal parts, then put one part in the pan again and put it in the oven and mix a little ghee, then when the halwa ghee starts to leave. Prepare the rest in this way.
Now look at its syrup. When the mixture turns brown, understand that the halva is ready.
At this time, also mix the cleaned walnut kernels in it. Put this mixture in a layer and freeze the paprika. Just sohan halwa of walnut kernels is ready.
In addition to being delicious, it strengthens the body. Decorate the tray with silver foil for trade.
This beautiful dessert is very tasty and does not spoil for a long time.

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