Islamabad's attempt to normalize relations with Beijing, Pakistani Foreign Minister left for China

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will arrive in China on Friday on a two-day visit at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, accompanied by a delegation of senior officials.

According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Foreign Office, the visit will focus on China-Pakistan economic corridor, defense and security cooperation, counter-terrorism and regional and international issues of mutual interest.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said in a video statement before leaving for China that during the visit, besides reviewing Pakistan-China relations, bilateral strategic agenda was also discussed in the meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Will come

Pakistan's top diplomat has said that progress on C-Pac projects is also expected to be discussed during the visit.

The visit comes at a time when a bus belonging to a Chinese company working on the Dasu hydropower project was attacked this month, killing 13 people, including nine Chinese workers.

Initially, Beijing and Islamabad had different views on the attack.

Pakistani officials said a technical glitch caused the bus to fall into a deep ravine after the blast. However, Chinese officials called it an act of terrorism and demanded the immediate arrest of those involved in the attack.

International affairs analyst Huma Baqaei said that after the Dasu Bus incident, there seemed to be a temporary strain in relations between Islamabad and Beijing and initially there were harsh statements from China after the incident.

After the deaths of Chinese workers, the company working on the Dasu hydropower plant project separated Pakistani workers from the project. The decision was withdrawn after Pakistan informed the Chinese authorities about the investigation into the incident.

Huma Baqai says that there is a perception in Pakistan that relations between Pakistan and China should not be affected.

According to him, Pakistan is ready to cooperate in any way when it wants to move forward.

Huma Baqai understands that although Beijing has not yet spoken openly about Pakistan-China relations because China believes in silent diplomacy. But he says a closer look at the situation suggests that China may have reservations about certain issues.

He also said that these concerns are not limited to bus attacks. According to Huma Bakai, both sides have serious concerns about the cost and progress of C-Pack projects. As expected, Pakistani investors will also invest in C-Pack, but the government has not yet been able to convince its citizens.

Huma Bakai says that in this context, the visit of Pakistan's Foreign Minister to China is very important.

During the visit, Shah Mehmood Qureshi will try to address Pakistan's concerns as well as China's.

Huma Baqai says that despite some reservations about C-Pack, Islamabad and Beijing are committed to maintaining their relationship.

He said that at present China does not want any stalemate in Pak-China relations nor does Pakistan want the world to get any wrong signals about bilateral relations. But if the Dasu incident has had a negative impact on China-Pakistan economic relations, then the foreign minister's visit is important.

On the other hand, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that his visit to China would not only further strengthen the ties between Islamabad and Beijing but also deepen the Pak-Chinese friendship entering the seventies.


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