Islamabad: A video of harassment of a boy and a girl inside the house has gone viral

Police in Islamabad have arrested a man accused of torturing and harassing a boy and a girl, a video of which went viral on social media.

Authorities say police in Golra police station in Islamabad took immediate action just hours after the video surfaced and arrested the accused Usman Mirza, who appeared in the video.

Police officials said that the accused Usman Mirza and his accomplices Farhan and Atta-ur-Rehman have been arrested and a case has been registered against them. Further legal action is being taken.

Talking to VOA, Dr. Mustafa Tanveer, SSP Operations, Islamabad Police, said that three people have been arrested after the video of a man named Usman Mirza went viral. There is information about two other people who are being tried for arrest.

In this regard, the SSP said that the victims of the incident could not be contacted by the police. Then all of a sudden these people arrived and started harassing both of them.

He said that the accused had behaved rudely towards the boy and the girl.

Referring to the incident, he added that the case included provisions for other charges, including harassment of a woman. “There are allegations of rape,” he said. However, the allegation could not be confirmed until the victim's statement was recorded. If abused or even attempted. So its provisions will also be included in the FIR.

Mustafa Tanveer said that records were being collected from various police stations in Islamabad against accused Usman Mirza involved in the incident and so far there were reports against him in various financial matters. However, no case has been registered against any woman for harassment or abuse.

According to reports, accused Usman Mirza has admitted during interrogation that he was intoxicated at the time of the incident, which is why he did all this. However, she denied the allegations.

Users have been protesting since the videos surfaced on social media, while the hashtag Arist Usman Mirza (#ArrestUsmanMirza) has also been among the top trends on social media.

According to police officials, accused Usman Mirza has car showrooms in Sector I-9 and Sector E-11 of Islamabad. He is also involved in the real estate business. Usman Mirza has been uploading pictures with weapons on social media. According to officials, the police are now searching for the weapon and are investigating whether it has a license.

Commenting on this on social media, user Ammar Ali Jan said that monsters like Usman Mirza are the product of a culture in which they know that they can commit horrific violence with exception.

“Unfortunately, women face the barbarity of our system,” she added.

Mohammad Ibrahim Qazi tweeted that the culture of bullying is very old in Pakistan and is only brought to the notice of the people through social media.

Minister of State Malika Bukhari tweeted that Islamabad Police has taken immediate action in the case. The IG himself is investigating the case.

“I have received messages from many women who feel insecure and angry in this situation,” she said.

“The state exists to deal with such atrocities,” he said.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Senator Faisal Sabzwari also tweeted videos with the accused's weapon.

Senator Faisal Sabzwari said that such people are present in the heart of the capital.

On social media Shama Junejo Usman Mirza has been arrested, he said. However, such people come out on bail because of their money and relationships.

He demanded that the case against these persons be made a test case and action be taken against them so that such persons remain inside the jail.

In recent days, various cases have come to light in Pakistan through social media which were acted upon due to public pressure and not only the accused were arrested but also cases were filed against them.

A few days ago in Rawalpindi, a video of a motorcyclist snatching a purse from a girl and dropping it on the road went viral. The accused was arrested on the same day and sentenced to one year imprisonment after a week of proceedings.

The suspects were arrested just hours after a video of brothers torturing their sister and mother went viral in Peshawar.

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