Indian cricket fans disappointed over Pakistan defeat, former cricketer angry over fireworks in many areas

Social media is full of discussions and memes on Pakistan's victory and India's defeat in the biggest match of the T20 World Cup. Someone is congratulating the Pakistani team while someone is demanding to determine those responsible for the failure of the Indian team.

Pakistan has defeated India for the first time in the T20 World Cup. This is not only a defeat but the Green Shirts have made a new history by winning the match by ten wickets.

In the match between the two teams played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Sunday, Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam not only set the record for the longest opening partnership against India but also set a new world record for the largest partnership in the T20 World Cup. Has also set a record.

Earlier, the award went to West Indies' Chris Gayle and Devon Smith, who formed a 145-run opening partnership against South Africa in 2007.

On the other hand, fast bowler Mohammad Shami of the Indian team is under criticism for losing to Pakistan. Hundreds of people on his Instagram have called him a 'traitor' and demanded that he should not have been in the team.

Former India opener Virender Sehwag has said in a tweet in defense of Muhammad Shami that online attacks on Syria are shocking. We stand with them. He said that Mohammad Shami is the champion and whoever beats the cap and jersey of the Indian team, India beats in his heart.

It should be noted that international matches are not played between Pakistan and India but they are played in ICC matches. Special programs of analysis, commentary and discussion are also broadcast in the media of both the countries before these competitions.

Before the Pak-India match, not only are there debates among the broadcasters but also former cricketers jump into it.

Former India spinner Harbhajan Singh had advised Pakistan before the match that what is the use of playing against India, just give us a walkover.

On this, former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar addressed former India spinner Harbhajan Singh after the match and said in a video message that he wanted a walkover.

Replying to Shoaib Akhtar's video message, Harbhajan Singh congratulated the Pakistani team and said that they played very well.

Celebrations and fireworks have also been reported in India over Pakistan's victory over India, which has angered former Indian cricketers.

Former Indian opening batsman Virender Sehwag has said in a tweet that fireworks are banned on Diwali, but Pakistan's victory was celebrated in some parts of India yesterday. What is the harm if fireworks are set off on Diwali? Why such hypocritical behavior? That's when all the knowledge comes to mind.

Similarly, former Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir said that those who set off fireworks on Pakistan's victory could not be Indians. “We need to stand with our players,” he added.

However, former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin on Pakistan's victory said that Pakistan played a very good game and it should be given credit. He said that India still has not lost anything and it should learn from its mistakes and move forward.

Before the match, blue shirts were being given precedence over green shirts in the Indian media and past competitions were also being referred to. Although India's past record in the T20 World Cup is better than Pakistan's, India's batting and bowling line on the day of the match could not repeat the past performance.

Praising the batting of the Pakistan team, Indian journalist Manik Gupta said that the Pakistani team is not better than India but the next time the two teams face each other, the results will be different. He hoped that Pakistan and India would face each other in the final match.

Cricket analyst Vimal Kumar, while sharing a picture of Indian team's opening batsman Shakir Dhawan, said that the players in the team, Shakir Dhawan, are sitting in the stands of spectators and watching the match.

An Indian fan said in his video message that Pakistan played well but they did not need to do so. This is how a man gives a wicket. In love, the next one who has come to play wearing shoes, let him join. Pakistani players had to break records today.

According to Indian broadcaster ANI, a cricket fan in Dubai questioned the selection of the Indian team against Pakistan, saying that the selection of the team was not good. Ishant Kishan should have been included in the team. One spectator said that the match was very good in which Pakistan bowled out the Indian team in all three areas of the game.

Amit Mishra, an Indian supporter, shared a photo of former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and said that he misses you a lot.

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