Imran Khan's 'aggressive' speech: Was it addressed to the opposition or the establishment?

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan's use of harsh language against opposition leaders and protests in the streets in the event of his removal from power is still being analyzed and commented on.

Responding to a citizen's question in the live TV session 'Your Prime Minister with you' on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that if he were to step down, there would be more for the opposition parties. They will be dangerous and they will have nowhere to hide.

Imran Khan said that the real problem for him is the rising inflation in the country due to which he could not sleep at night.

Some observers say that Prime Minister Imran Khan has challenged the opposition but at the same time he has sent a message to the establishment that if he is removed from power he will not go home quietly.

Some analysts see Imran Khan's speech as an acknowledgment of the failure of his government.

Political analyst Sohail Warraich says the prime minister should refrain from making such statements.

Speaking to VOA, Sohail Warraich said, “The prime minister should not talk about whispered news. Such things create instability. But maybe he wants to warn those who want to get him out.” But I don't think that statement has any effect. “

Imran Khan's speech has become a topic of discussion in public and political circles.

Sohail Warraich says that apparently the statement was addressed to the opposition but according to him many meanings can be deduced from this because the decision to leave the government in Pakistan is made by the ruling powers.

He said that it is also true that Prime Minister Imran Khan has a very small majority, if the situation really changes then distrust is not difficult. This requires a change of atmosphere which is not visible at present. There is a difference of only a few votes and it is not very difficult to close this gap.

The only threat to the Prime Minister is from bad governance and economy: analyst Salman Abid

Analyst Salman Abid says that the impression is being given that this message is for the opposition but in fact this message is also for the centers of power. Talks between the Establishment and the opposition have been going on for some time now that various options are being considered to overthrow the government.

According to him, this is the reason why he has expressed disappointment in the speech of the Prime Minister. He talked about accountability and the judicial system, he felt the obstacles were from the institutions.

Salman Abid said that in order to dispel the impression that they are weak or they can be easily ousted, Imran Khan has also sent a message to the centers of power and the opposition that if something like this happened to them it would be more dangerous. Will prove and react strongly.

Salman Abid said that at present there is no major threat to the government from the opposition but the biggest threat to it is bad governance and deteriorating economic situation.

According to him, although the Prime Minister has made a lot of claims regarding the growth rate and has shown it very well, but in reality there will be disappointment among the people till the fruits of it reach the people.

He said, “There is a competition within the opposition to present itself as a better alternative. When the PDM called for a long march, the PPP had already announced a long march. Therefore, it wanted to present itself as a better alternative.” But I think it's all about preparations for next year's election. “

Referring to the no-confidence motion, he said that the record of the past was that no such attempt would be successful unless the Establishment was behind such a motion.

According to Salman Amid, if we accept for a moment that the Establishment is behind such an attempt, then the message that Imran Khan gave yesterday is in response to such efforts that if the Establishment made such an attempt, Imran Khan would react strongly. Will give The Establishment does not seem to be in the mood for such a political adventure.

Reaction of political parties

The reaction to this statement of the Prime Minister had started from the previous day and various political personalities made statements about it.

First of all, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said in a tweet that her threats that if removed from power would become more dangerous, are nothing but vultures.

Maryam Nawaz said that you are not Nawaz Sharif behind whom the people were standing, nor are you poor and oppressed. “You are a conspirator and have been rewarded,” he said.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman said that what is the need for a Prime Minister to make such statements? There is a crisis in every sector of the country. In such a scenario, instead of planning, the Prime Minister is threatening the opposition and other forces.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Shahbaz Gul retweeted Maryam Nawaz's tweet and said that he hoped that after two hours of discussion you would have come to know that his abusive behavior was effective. No more falling off, no more being silent. Have you ever wondered how dark your future is?

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