How will the Tokyo Olympics provide a platform for athletes to express their views?

Between the 2016 Olympics and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the world has changed dramatically. Observers believe that the color of movements like 'Black Lives Meter' and 'Me Too' will also be seen at the Tokyo Olympics and many athletes will be active in keeping the world's attention on these topics.

Many athletes who competed in the Tokyo Olympics have previously spoken out in their respective countries for these purposes, and it is believed that despite warnings from the International Olympic Committee, they will continue to speak out on these important topics on this global platform. We will not miss the opportunity to express our views.

According to Voice of America, female soccer players from the United States, Sweden, Chile and the United Kingdom knelt on the field on Wednesday as a sign of protest against racism.

Sports observers are predicting that more athletes will join such symbolic protests in the coming days.

Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter prohibits political protests during the Games, but they were relaxed earlier this year due to growing “athlete activism” on social and political issues.

However, the prohibition on the expression of any social and political ideology in the Victory Stand and on the playing field remains.

The Olympic Roll Fifty was introduced after 1968, when American athletes Tom Smith and John Carlos raised their voices in the air in a show of black power after their victory.

Today, Smith and Carlos are known as “rebel heroes” who oppose this kind of prejudice in their style of “black salute”.

However, speaking to the Financial Times, Thomas Beck, the current head of the International Olympic Committee, said the playing field and the medal stand were a place to celebrate athletes' victories, not to promote their personal political ideology. Players who violate this will face punishment. It was not immediately clear what the punishment would be.

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