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What is Sehat Insaf Card?

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) authorities has fulfilled one other promise by increasing Sehat Sahulat programme for all residents of the province. On Thursday, PM Imran Khan introduced that the KP authorities will present insurance coverage to every household of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa underneath the Sehat Sahulat programme. This publish is all in regards to the process to get Sehat Insaf Card.

Before the growth of this programme, solely 40% of the entire province’s inhabitants might avail the Sehat Insaf Card. Now, each household that dwells in KPK, shall be able to get free medical therapy of as much as Rs. 1 million per annum . Both public and private hospitals designated by the KP authorities will present free therapy to any or all the residents of the province.According to the agreement signed between the KP government and State life assurance Corporation, the provincial government can pay Rs. 2849 per family annually to State life assurance .

All the residents of Chitral, Swat, Malakand districtLower dir and Upper dir will start to receive free healthcare services from October regardless of their financial status. The free health coverage will be extended zone by zone. We have attached an image that contains the details regarding the launch date of Sehat Sahulat programme services in your district.

All the residents of Chitral, Swat, Malakand district, Lower dir and Upper dir will start to receive free healthcare services from October no matter their financial status. The free health coverage are going to be extended zone by zone. we’ve attached a picture that contains the small print regarding the launch date of Sehat Sahulat programme services in your district.

Card Benefits

Under the programme, all the beneficiaries are going to be entitled to free-of-cost hospitalization, emergency services, in-patient services (all medical and surgical cases), injuries, referral transportation, maternity services, free follow-ups and consultancy.

In addition to those healthcare services, some major diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes Kidney diseases etc. services also will be covered under this insurance . For more coverage details, you can read below table.


Basic Treatment
RS. 20,0000
. Emergency treatment requiring Registration
. Maternity services
. Fracture and Injures
. General Surgery
. General Medicine
Advanced Treatment
RS. 40,0000
. Cardiovascular
. Diabetes
. Artificial limbs
. Kidney diseases
. Breast Cancer Screening
. Management of Neurosurgical
Additional Coverage
RS. 40,0000
. Cancer Treatment
. Kidney transplant
. Accident and Emergency
. ICU care

Process to get Sehat Card

The great thing about this programme is that the resident of KP province won’t need any special card or complete a registration procedure to avail this service. People can avail the aforementioned services via their CNIC.

The government will use the NADRA database to gather all the knowledge regarding you and your relations . However, you would like to have NADRA issued Family Registration Certificate (FRC) if you want to avail these free healthcare services.

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