How to file a cyber crime victim complaint?

For Pakistani TV host Yashfeen Jamal, the moment came when he made an online purchase from his bank account and found out that he had suffered a financial loss.
The general impression is that elements involved in online financial fraud target hungry people, but details shared on social media timelines make it clear that even well-informed and educated people are not immune to cybercrime.
“I have also been a victim of phone forgery,” said Yusufin Jamal, a victim of information theft and financial loss on the internet. My account was hacked and paid. Referring to the online shopping platform and its bank, he hoped that both companies would be able to do something.

Yashfeen Jamal was a lucky victim of cyber fraud who lost but immediately. Keep hoping for a solution.
Actually speaking to Urdu News, talk show host Yashfeen Jamal said that the FIA officials concerned provided a successful and prompt response in order to recognize the problem and to provide the technical assistance required to prevent any harm. Given also. The online shopping site also cancelled the bogus order immediately.

Referring to their way of keeping personal information and passwords secure on the Internet, he said that they do not store account login details (username, password) etc. in the phone or application so that it Misuse of information.

In Pakistan, as in other parts of the world, where cybercriminals try new tactics to achieve their goals, the digital world seeks to prevent the misuse of personal information or to avoid financial fraud. Even its victims. Relevant institutions also take various steps for education.
The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) NR3C or Cyber Crime Cell is responsible for preventing cyber crime in Pakistan and taking action against those involved.

The last few years have seen a significant reduction in the number of cyber crimes in Pakistan. At the end of April, it was reported that cybercrime had dropped by about 50%, despite an increase in Internet use in the lockdown. According to FIA data available with Urdu News, 923 incidents of cyber crime were reported in the three weeks after the lockdown, while 488 such incidents were reported in the first three weeks of the lockdown. The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Cell has provided various facilities for users to lodge cyber crime complaints. Victims of internet fraud, personal information theft, harassment and other issues can report the problem by calling the Cyber ​​Crime Cell’s helpline 9911.
Helpdesk: can also be emailed. Complaints can also be lodged on the website, while crimes can also be reported in person at various zonal offices.

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