How can an egg enhance your beauty?

Eggs are rich in protein and we all know that eggs are very important for our beauty and attractiveness. Eggs are rich in atoms A, D, E, B, selenium and proteins which make it useful for you.
Today we are going to tell you 4 useful uses of eggs that will make not only your skin but also your hair beautiful:

Useful uses:
For hair lice:

If there are lice in the hair, mix a little mint oil with lemon juice and cinnamon powder in the egg and apply it. All the lice will disappear soon.
For strong hair:

Eggs are also very useful for hair. Mix one tablespoon of Amla and Saka Kai powder in two eggs and apply it in the hair. It will also make your hair shiny and strong.
For oily skin:

Egg whites are also useful in controlling skin oil, such as if you mix lemon juice and aloe vera gel in egg whites and do this once a day, you can control your excess oil.
For dry skin:

The use of egg yolk is useful in dry skin, but the special way to do this is to mix the egg yolk in a basin and apply it to benefit from the results.

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