Host's 'inappropriate behavior'; Shoaib Akhtar resigns from PTV

Former Pakistan cricket team fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has announced his resignation from state TV for 'inappropriate behavior' in a TV program.

Shoaib Akhtar was associated with Pakistan's state-run PTV program 'Game on Hai' as a cricket analyst.

The match between Pakistan and New Zealand played in Sharjah on Tuesday night was the subject of a series of comments in the program and during this time there was a slight warmth between the hosts of the program Dr. Noman Niaz and Shoaib Akhtar.

Several clips of the show have gone viral on social media, with one clip showing the show host Shoaib Akhtar talking in an “indecent manner” while the other showing the two laughing.

However, in the clip which is more viral, the host of the program Noman Niaz asks Shoaib Akhtar to leave the program.

In this clip, Shoaib Akhtar was talking about Pakistan cricket team fast bowler Haris Rauf.

It may be recalled that Pakistan has defeated New Zealand by five wickets in its second match in the T20 World Cup. In this match, Harris Rauf bowled brilliantly and bowled out four players for 22 runs and was declared the best player of the match.

It can be seen in the video that while Shoaib Akhtar is talking, Noman Niaz tells him that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” Your attitude is getting a little inappropriate and if you are more you are becoming a shy So you can go This is what I am saying on air. After which Shoaib Akhtar says in XQues. “After that Noman Niaz takes a break in the program.

Later, after the break, during the program, Shoaib Akhtar apologizes to the participants and announces his resignation from PTV.

After this program, people are speaking in support of Shoaib Akhtar on social media while the hashtag of Noman Niaz's name is also trending.

Shoaib Akhtar said in a video message on Twitter that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” An unfortunate incident took place on PTV. Noman Niaz behaved rudely and told me to leave the program without any reason. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

According to him, “https://www.urduvoa.com/” He (Noman Niaz) did not know why he did this. But on national TV, the national star was suddenly insulted and sidelined and then went on a break. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

Shoaib Akhtar says that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” After that I guessed that all the superstars in the program, foreigners are sitting, what will be the impression. So I told Noman to end the matter because the clip of what happened would go viral. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

According to Shoaib Akhtar, “I said in the program to end the affair that it was a joke and I was dragging his (Noman's) leg. But Noman refused to apologize to me on TV despite my request. And when he didn't apologize, I decided to leave the program. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

Shoaib Akhtar said, “https://www.urduvoa.com/” He insulted me on national TV and as a national star, I felt very bad that foreigners sitting with me, what would they think of us. ” https://www.urduvoa.com/ “

“Https://www.urduvoa.com/” I tried to resolve the issue during the program but Noman did not apologize and I resigned, “he said. urduvoa.com/ “

On the other hand, Noman Niaz tweeted in response to the incident and said “https://www.urduvoa.com/” I wonder why Shoaib Akhtar is being reminded that he is a star. They have been and will remain the best of the best. He has made a name for the country and this cannot be denied. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

He said that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” always attracts one side of the story. Anyway, as a friend for a long time, I would like to express my best wishes for them. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

Reaction on social media

On the other hand, there is a reaction on social media when these clips go viral and the hashtags of 'Noman Niaz' and 'Shoaib Akhtar' are trending on Twitter.

Journalist Adil Abbasi tweeted that Noman Niaz should not have treated Shoaib Akhtar like this. He does not deserve to be embarrassed like this on national TV.

Dr. Shahbaz Gul, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, replied to Adil Abbasi's tweet that he agrees with you. Shoaib is our hero. We must treat them with respect and dignity.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar's focal person Azhar Mashwani wrote on his personal Twitter account that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” Dr. Noman Niaz should have been removed three years ago. I don't know why they are still on PTV and insulting national heroes. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

Anchor person Mubashir Luqman also tweeted in favor of Shoaib Akhtar and said that he was saddened to see the insult of the national hero on PTV. Shoaib is a true hero and will always be.

“I can't believe that Dr Noman could be treated as such by an international figure in such an unpleasant manner,” he said. Incredible.

However, some people were seen speaking in favor of Noman Niaz.

A user named Dr. Wajid Ali wrote on Twitter that he should understand the trend and run it. Naaman did exactly that.

A user named Usman Ata also spoke in favor of Noman Niaz and said that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” Anyone who is watching the whole show on Twitter but not the clip knows that Shoaib Akhtar is acting. Were. “Https://www.urduvoa.com/”

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