German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down after 16 years, leaving people uncertain about future

Germany is preparing to bid farewell to its Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been in power for 16 years. Persuaded iron.

Angela Merkel was Germany's first female chancellor and the first leader to be born in the former East Germany.

Her political journey began after the unification of Germany in 1990 when she was appointed Minister of Women and Children's Affairs by her teacher, Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

The German media called her “Kohl's Girl” but she soon came out of her influence and became the leader of the Christian Democrats in 2000.

She won the 2005 election by a narrow margin and was elected Chancellor by a coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats.

During his tenure, he faced many challenges, the first of which was the 2008 global economic crisis.

During the crisis where he received the title of 'Chancellor during the crisis'. On the other hand, he was remembered with negative emotions due to the strict conditions imposed on Greece to deal with the debt crisis of the Eurozone.

During Russia's intervention in Ukraine, he kept the door open for talks with Russia. He included Ukraine, Germany and France in talks with Putin to end the war.

According to Arsala Wydenfield, author of Angela Merkel's biography, Angela Merkel has a way of negotiating, negotiating, negotiating and negotiating, whether with China or with Russia. According to him, Angela Merkel is constantly talking. She continues to negotiate. She stands as the last person to negotiate on behalf of Europe and she does not give up until nightfall. He did the same with Vladimir Putin.

Angela Merkel's biggest challenge was the 2015 immigration crisis. He then refused to close the German border to immigrants and refugees.

About 1 million refugees fleeing the Syrian war entered Germany. The decision drew internal criticism and strengthened right-wing political parties in the country. But Merkel did not back down.

“If we have to shy away from showing our friendly face in this difficult time, then this is not my country,” he said.

Today, six years later, Merkel says she has no regrets about her decision.

According to the German newspaper S سوd Deutsche Zeitung, Merkel believed that people should be treated well. They should not be pushed across borders.

According to the report, Merkel's decision created an atmosphere of unity in Europe instead of division.

Today in Germany, there is a fear of who can replace Angela Merkel's leadership skills in the international arena. Merkel's longtime Christian Democrat MP Jگنrgen Hardt said in a statement that the German people should have confidence in the future.

“It's really hard for people to decide who could be the new candidate,” Jگنrgen Hardt told VOA. The future chancellor will be compared to Angela Merkel, who has been in power for 16 years.

He said he laughed when he told businessmen in 2005 that Angela Merkel would be Germany's new chancellor. Because he did not believe that a woman could become chancellor.

According to him, when people raise questions about Christian Democrat candidate for chancellor Armin Laschit today, they will want to tell him the same thing.

For Germany, Europe and the West, Angela Merkel's departure is the end of a political era.

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