Former Pakistani ambassador's daughter killed in Islamabad

Former Pakistani diplomat's daughter stabbed to death in Islamabad Police have arrested a friend of the girl allegedly involved in the murder.

According to Islamabad police, the murder took place in a house in Sector F-7. The slain girl was identified as Noor Muqaddam, daughter of former Pakistani ambassador Shaukat Muqaddam and is said to be 27 years old.

According to police, the girl was also stabbed with a sharp instrument after firing while another person was injured in the incident. Zahir Jaffer, a friend of the girl, has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the incident. The accused is the son of a well-known businessman of the country.

Regarding the murder, police say that around 8 pm last night, Rescue 15 received a telephone call stating that a girl had been killed. When police arrived at the address, the killer was present and was immediately arrested.

According to initial reports, the accused is said to be addicted to drugs and has been involved in violent cases in the past.

Police sources said that the accused was also suffering from mental illness which was being treated regularly. However, some on social media are calling the information about the accused's mental condition a ploy to save him from punishment.

The hashtag “Justice for Light” has been circulating on social media regarding the murder.

Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry in his tweet expressed regret over Noor Muqaddam's father Shaukat Muqaddam and hoped that the culprits of this heinous murder would be arrested soon.

Tom Hussain Sindhu, a senior journalist working for various international newspapers and magazines, in his tweet called Noor Muqaddam's death his personal loss and said that she had been playing with her daughters. To me she was like a daughter.

He alleged that the family members of the youth involved in the murder were bribing the police.

He also accused the accused's family of threatening the victim's family.

Consumer Meena Gabina said that if Islamabad is so unsafe for women, then imagine other parts of Pakistan. Pakistan looks like a seventh century country instead of the 21st century.

According to police, Zahir Jaffer, accused in the Noor Muqaddam murder case, will be produced in the Special Magistrate's Court in Islamabad, where his physical remand will be obtained and the case will be investigated.

The body of Noor Muqaddam has been shifted to Pimza Hospital where a detailed report will be issued after postmortem.

According to the report, the killer allegedly opened fire before cutting the victim's throat and the bullets hit a guard besides Noor Muqaddam who was present there. The police rushed him to the hospital and took him into their custody.


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