FATF meeting begins, decision on Pakistan will be taken on February 25

A meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global watchdog on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, has begun in the French capital, Paris, to implement the proposed action plan for Pakistan. Will be reviewed.

The meeting of the World Organization, which will continue from February 22 to 25, will decide whether to remove or retain Pakistan from the gray list.

Pakistani officials are hopeful that the steps taken will result in him being removed from the gray list.

However, analysts say that despite Pakistan's valuable performance under the requirements of global politics, it can be maintained on the sanctions list.

A delegation of experts from Pakistan's financial and law enforcement agencies, led by Federal Minister Hamad Azhar, will brief the FATF meeting on its steps through a video link.

Pakistani officials say the FATF's implementation of the action plan has been satisfactory and are hopeful of getting out of the gray list as a result of the steps taken.

Pakistan's Foreign Office spokesman Hafeez Chaudhry says he is hopeful that the FATF will appreciate Pakistan's efforts.

During a weekly briefing at the Foreign Office, he said that the FATF had acknowledged that Pakistan had already completed implementation of 21 of the 27 points, while significant progress had been made on the remaining six points. Is being appreciated by the members of

Hafeez Chaudhry says Pakistan is committed to full implementation of the FATF Action Plan.

Earlier this month, Pakistan had submitted its implementation report on achieving the FATF targets to the international body, which is to be reviewed at a meeting starting on Monday.

Former Finance Minister Ashfaq Hassan says there should be no doubt that Pakistan has taken many steps to improve and reform its financial system and its performance is impressive.

Talking to VOA, he said that there was no justification for keeping Pakistan on the gray list but if it was maintained on the watch list, it would be in line with the need of global politics.

He says the State Department may have held political talks with key countries to pave the way for its removal from the watch list.

Ashfaq Hassan says the international establishment wants Pakistan to be part of the IMF loan program and fears that Islamabad could say goodbye to the IMF prematurely if it is whitelisted.

Last month, the FATF Joint Group's virtual meeting called on Pakistan to implement the action plan by February 2021.

Younis Khan, a senior Pakistani journalist based in Paris, says the FATF working group meeting shows that the jury is divided and it can be assumed that even under the best of circumstances, Pakistan will remain on the watch list until June. Will go

Talking to VOA, he said that Pakistani officials claim a lot of progress for a positive outcome, but at the diplomatic level these efforts seem insufficient.

Younis Khan says the FATF's decision-making is influenced by global politics and Pakistan has not been able to effectively present its position to the countries involved in decision-making. He said that Pakistan's relations with France, where the FATF is headquartered, had reached a low point which could be an obstacle to Islamabad's desire to get out of the gray list.

He said recent events in Pakistan, including the release of Omar Sheikh in the case of American journalist Daniel Pearl and the threat of Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai on Twitter by a former TTP spokesman, would justify Pakistan's actions. ۔

Younis Khan, who regularly attends FATF meetings, says the gray-listed countries are the weakest, while Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland, which have the highest number of money laundering complaints, are monitoring. Not on the list.

The FATF President will announce the final decision of the meeting on February 25 at the end of the Virtual Meeting.

Remember that Pakistan was included in the FATF gray list in June 2018 and a 27-point action plan was proposed in this regard.

Pakistan had assured that it would develop an effective system for enacting and implementing the necessary legislation in the light of the points proposed by the organization.

The FATF meeting in October last year stated that Pakistan had complied with only 21 of the 27 recommendations.

The organization decided to keep it on the “gray list” until the next meeting, giving Pakistan until February 2021 to implement all the recommendations.

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