European Union ready for “extreme” sanctions in the event of Russian aggression on Ukraine, NATO also plans defense

Tensions between Moscow and the West have been steadily rising over fears of Russian military aggression against the Ukrainian currency. On the other hand, NATO has finalized the strategy of deploying troops and at the same time ships full of arms have been sent to Ukraine.

While Ireland has warned that Russian military exercises near its coast will not be allowed, Britain has warned it will recall some of its diplomats from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Is.

The message in these statements is that individual allies are determined to counter Russian aggression. But the reaffirmation of this commitment under the banner of NATO is a clear reflection of the sentiments of the participating nations.

According to a Reuters report, the European Union called on Russia to take steps to reduce tensions over Ukraine at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, and issued a warning. In the event of an attack on its neighbor, Russia would have to face “https://www.urduvoa.com/” severe consequences “https://www.urduvoa.com/”.

During a meeting in Brussels, 27 EU foreign ministers said that the Allies “https://www.urduvoa.com/” condemned Russia for its ongoing threats and aggression against Ukraine and demanded that Russia Is to take steps to reduce tensions “https://www.urduvoa.com/”.

In a joint statement, the European Union (EU) said in a statement that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” would be a misunderstanding in the 21st century on any axis of power, the consequences of any further Russian aggression against Ukraine. Will be and will have to pay a heavy price “https://www.urduvoa.com/”. However, the wording related to “https://www.urduvoa.com/” results “https://www.urduvoa.com/” was not further elaborated.

Russia has about 100,000 troops stationed on the Ukrainian border. Russia denies plotting attack Russia says such claims are untrue.

The European Commission, the European Union's governing body, has approved a امداد 1.2 billion (1. 1.36 billion) aid package to Ukraine, but EU member states have not agreed. How harsh is the crackdown on Russia?

According to Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabriel Lindsberg, Russia “https://www.urduvoa.com/” wants to tear apart the Western alliance “https://www.urduvoa.com/” and that the European Union Can't split.

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz has called on Europe and the United States to consider the issue before imposing sanctions on some European politicians, while Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schlensberg has pointed to Russia's dependence on Russian gas.

It should be noted that Russia has deployed approximately 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, but Russia rejects the notion that it is planning to invade Ukraine. Russia has demanded that NATO guarantee that Ukraine will not join the alliance, while Russia itself has deployed coalition forces in the former Soviet bloc, which it does not want to reduce. The fact that Ukraine is permanently barred from voluntarily deciding to join a coalition falls into the category of delusion, which would create an endless stalemate in the current situation, which could only end in a war. Is.

Russia denies plotting to invade Ukraine and says Western accusations are intended to cover up alleged NATO provocations. High-level diplomacy has been used in recent days, but no progress has been made as a result of these efforts.

Supply of military equipment to Ukraine:

NATO said on Monday it was increasing its defense capabilities in the Balkan region. Denmark is sending a frigate to the region while Lithuania is delivering F-16 fighter jets. Spain has sent four fighter jets to Bulgaria, as well as three navies in the Balkans to support NATO's naval forces, while France is ready to send troops to Romania. The Netherlands plans to send two F-35 fighter jets to Bulgaria next April.

NATO Secretary General Jean Stoltenberg has said that “https://www.urduvoa.com/” NATO will take all necessary steps to ensure the defense of all its allies. We will respond effectively to any threats to our security, including measures to strengthen our collective defense “https://www.urduvoa.com/”.

In Washington, the Pentagon has made various proposals to President Joe Biden to increase the US military presence in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, a significant reflection of US commitment. This has been revealed by two officials who have informed about the internal situation on condition of anonymity.

An official said it did not include a proposal for a new deployment but called on US military to remain vigilant. Another official said on Sunday that it was possible to send reinforcements from US military bases, as well as to make the necessary changes in the deployment of troops inside Europe. However, the White House and the Pentagon are currently reviewing their available “https://www.urduvoa.com/” options, https://www.urduvoa.com/.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman in Moscow, has accused NATO and the United States of trying to escalate tensions in Europe, and said Russia was not responsible for the escalation.

“What is happening is not happening because of Russia. NATO and the United States are the cause of this tension,” Peskov told reporters. com / “. He cited US media reports as saying Russia was recalling its ambassador to Ukraine, a charge Russia has denied.

Ahead of the NATO announcement, EU foreign ministers met on the issue of Ukraine's tension, stressing the need to remain united, and reiterating that the fight against Russian aggression should be united, not divided. Can be done

In a statement, EU countries considered the proposed sanctions and warned that any further aggression against Ukraine would lead to serious economic sanctions, and that Russia would have to pay a “significant price”.

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