Euro 2020: Worldwide attention on the second biggest football event in the world

Last year, the Euro Twenty20 could not be held due to the corona virus, but now the wait of the fans is about to end. The event kicks off on Friday, June 11, with defending champions Portugal and world champions France, as well as Germany, Turkey, England and other European teams in action.

The UEFA European Championship is considered to be the biggest football event in the world after the World Cup in which the 24 best teams of continental Europe will compete.

The event is also welcome because it will give organizers a glimpse of whether Qatar is ready for next year's World Cup.

The event, which runs from June 11 to July 11, will feature all 51 matches, including the final, at 11 different venues.

The event kicks off with a match between the Italian and Turkish teams in Rome. It will be preceded by an opening ceremony featuring performances by Irish singer Bono, Dutch DJ Martin Geres and Irish musician The H.

Euro 2020: Which teams will participate?

The 24 best teams in Europe will face each other in the Euro T20, but interestingly, players playing in the same team in different football leagues will compete against each other here.

The event is divided into six groups and each group will consist of four teams.

Group A includes Turkey, Wales, Switzerland and Italy, while Group B includes Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Russia. Group C will feature the Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria and Northern Macedonia, while Group D will feature England, Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic.

Spain, the winner of the event in 2008 and 2012, is placed in Group E along with Sweden, Poland and Slovakia. There is no room for error in the most difficult group of events, also called the Group of Death.

Group F includes defending champions Portugal, as well as three-time champions Germany and two-time winners France. Hungary, the fourth team in the group, will have to perform exceptionally to win the second round.

Which player can perform best in the event?

The event, which runs from June 11 to July 11, 2021, will feature some of Europe's best athletes. Not only Portugal captain and legendary striker Cristiano Ronaldo but also the other 23 teams have many players who can create problems for the opposing teams.

Hurricane, who scored the most goals in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, is still the captain of the English team and he is hopeful of repeating his performance.

Similarly, Belgium's Romelu Lacako, who scored three goals in the last World Cup, France's Calin M. Bappe and Antoine Griezmann and Russia's Denis Cherry Chev will try to play a role in their team's victory this time.

The return of Germany's Tomas Mولller two and a half years later will not only strengthen the three-time champion's attack, but also give German coach Yukamilov a chance to commemorate his farewell event.

Wales' Gareth Bale will also be seen in action at the age of 32. Wales reached the semi-finals of the 2016 event.

Be it Christian Eriksen of Denmark, Luka Modric of Croatia or Gerard Moreno of Spain. Every player will try to make the event memorable by defeating Pandemic and the opposing team.

Who will have the opportunity to host the matches of the event!

The event was held in 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. Four years later, it was co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine, but this time there is no regular host for the championship and all 51 matches, including the final, will be played at 11 venues.

According to a 2012 decision by UEFA, matches should be played across the continent on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the event so that the host country does not have a problem qualifying for the event without qualifying and with the participation of 24 best teams in the event. The fans also enjoyed watching the matches.

In 2014, UEFA selected 13 grounds to host the matches of the event. These included England, Russia, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Spain and Azerbaijan.

But Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and Dublin, Ireland, were later disqualified for a variety of reasons, with matches being played at St. Petersburg in Russia and Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Nine of the eleven venues will host three group matches as well as one round of 16 matches. A total of seven matches will be played in St. Petersburg and eight in London, including both semi-finals and finals of the event.

Some stadiums will be more empty and some more crowded

The most important thing in the event is the number of spectators in the stadium. Arrangements have been made to restrict spectator entry to the event due to the corona virus.

As the matches of the event are taking place at different venues, different precautions will be taken at each venue.

25% of spectators will be allowed to watch the match at Wembley Stadium in London. If Corona's situation in England improves further, the number of spectators watching matches in the stadium could be increased.

Similarly, Glasgow has decided to issue tickets to 25% of the spectators. But it is likely that the stadium in St. Petersburg will be 50% full and the entire stadium in Budapest will be full of spectators.

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