All Parties Conference, NAB Activities and Arrests, what’s the matter?

After the arrest of PML-N leader and National Assembly member Shahbaz Sharif by the NAB and the indictment of former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur, the opposition once again He has taken the position that the NAB is being used to suppress the opposition and, according to him, out of fear of a successful all-party conference.

However, a former NAB official disagreed. Retired Brigadier Farooq Hameed, former head of NAB Punjab, told VOA that the fact is that NAB has enough evidence against those arrested and these opposition leaders are making noise to save their lives. ۔

However, he also criticized the government for not increasing the number of NAB judges despite the Supreme Court’s directives. However, the Supreme Court had said that 120 more judges should be appointed in the NAB courts so that speedy cases could be decided.

Barrister Ali Zafar, a member of the PTI’s core committee, told VOA that the government’s job is to send cases to the NAB. Further action is the responsibility of the NAB.

NAB office in Lahore, file photo

Responding to a question on the Supreme Court’s order on the appointment of more judges, he said that a huge amount of financial resources were required for the appointment of such a large number of judges, but said that the government wanted to appoint some judges but Could not explain the reason for the delay.

No other government official was available for comment.

Speaking to VOA, Mushahidullah, a leader of the opposition in the Senate and a member of the PML-N, said that not a single penny of corruption had taken place. If it had happened, there would have been no guarantees. He said that if all his institutions work according to their oaths and boundaries then the country can develop.

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