A Hong Kong ship got stuck in the sand off the coast of Karachi

A Hong Kong cargo ship stranded off the coast of Karachi could not be retrieved after several hours. According to officials, the ship anchored at Karachi port sank in the sand due to strong winds, which may take another three to four days to evacuate.

Officials say a cargo ship coming from Hong Kong to Karachi sank in the sand after its anchor broke due to strong winds. The MV Hangtong 77 cargo ship was anchored in the outer part of Karachi port and came to Karachi only for a change of crew and therefore the ship did not enter any port of the port.

However, after the crew changed, it was stranded near the shore due to high tides. During this time, even the weakest engine of the plane could not save him from sinking.

Karachi Port Trust spokesman Sharq Ahmed told VOA that work has not yet begun to remove the wreck from the sand.

It is the shipping company's job to get the stranded ship out and they will have to hire a private company which can take three to four days to get there. It may take another three to four days to use the resources and get here. But it won't take long for the Salvage ship to arrive.

Sharq Ahmed says international maritime law must be kept in mind in any development in this regard. Because without it nothing can happen.

Officials say the 2,257-tonne cargo ship is registered in Panama and is 11 years old.

Officials say Pakistan does not have push-pull tugs to evacuate the sunken ship.

According to KPT officials, Marine Pollution Staff is also monitoring the situation. The proprietary company will be responsible for any water and environmental damage from this ship. However, officials said an inspection of the ship did not find any substance that could harm the sea. The giant cargo ship sunk in the sand can also be seen from Karachi Sea View.


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