3 million doses of the modern vaccine from the United States will reach Pakistan by Sunday

As Pakistan seeks to tackle the new delta variant of the Code 19 epidemic, the Biden administration announced on Friday that 3 million doses of the modern coronavirus vaccine were being supplied to Pakistan. The shipment will reach Pakistan by Sunday۔

A White House official told VOA that the vaccine was being given to Pakistan under the World Health Organization's VOX program. Earlier, 2.5 million doses of the vaccine had already been sent to Pakistan.

Pakistan has lauded the US announcement. Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said the vaccine would help in the ongoing campaign in Pakistan.

Pakistan relies on Chinese vaccines in its ongoing national campaign to combat the Code 19 epidemic. However, US food donations make up for the lack of vaccines needed to compete with the coronavirus developed in Western countries.

White House officials say the administration is happy to provide safe and effective food to Pakistanis.

“We are not offering these vaccine doses for any benefit or discount,” officials said. Our supply of vaccines is not subject to conditions. We do this for the purpose of saving lives.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the food was sent as part of ongoing efforts in Pakistan to prevent and assist with Code 19, which is a great example of US assistance. We value the continued cooperation of the United States in its efforts to combat the epidemic.

In Pakistan, a country of about 220 million people, the corona virus is largely under control. Official figures show that there are currently more than 1 million people infected with the corona virus in the country, of which 3,600 are currently confirmed cases. About 23,000 deaths have occurred in the country since Code 19. And now the country is worried about the rapidly expanding Delta variant.

The National Institute of Virology at Karachi University said on Wednesday that 100 per cent of Delta variant patients, discovered for the first time in neighboring India, are in the country's largest city, Karachi, which is a matter of concern.

So far, 24.5 million injections of the vaccine have been given, according to Pakistan's Ministry of Health. The country's 100 million people are eligible for vaccinations, of which the government is trying to get about 70% vaccinated.

The White House says the administration will provide about 80 million doses of the vaccine to all countries in need. In addition to Pakistan, other countries to which the Biden administration intends to donate vaccines include South Korea, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Malaysia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia, These include Paraguay, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Costa Rica, Haiti, Fiji, Laos, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.


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